Salu is...

  • Finding food you can eat.
  • Discovering new places to fit your style and preferences.
  • Making your way back into everyday life regardless of your dietary, physiological, or preferential requirements.


Food you can eat

Salu takes the equivalent of a fingerprint, personalized for you and by you, and applies it in searching for restaurants, nearby or away, which can handle your particular needs. And since it's crowdsourced by other people who have the same sorts of issues or preferences - from gluten intolerance to Halal - you can hear about these restaurants from other people with your concerns.

Style and Preference

Dining out is about more than just food restrictions, however. Sometimes you want or need to know about the ambience of a place. Othertimes, you need to check whether or not a restaurant has a particular amenity. For some, televisions plastered about the walls is too distracting while others are more concerned with the noise level. With Salu, this information is at your fingertips, provided by an army of your peers. 

Living your life

After a traumatic or life changing event, sometimes it can be hard to re-integrate into everyday life. With Salu, we do our best to make it a little bit easier. From people concerned with accessibility into or out of a restaurant, or what the seating accommodations in a restaurant are, Salu harnesses the power of the crowd to ensure places are categorized and reported in realtime. What are you waiting for? Sign up today and start lving your life.