1.1.3 (Build 1.8.6)

  • Fixed issue with password retrieval
  • Fixed issue with restaurant nomination
  • Added Version info notes to the user
  • Made the confidence level more obvious on the nomination
  • Increased the size of comment text, added some padding to account for the on screen keyboard

 1.1.2 (build 1.8.5)

  • Updated poinpoint graphics for better visibility
  • Improved verbiage around in-app purchases
  • Updated Logo and app icon

1.0.1 (BUILD 1.6.5)

  • improved UI
  • Added in app purchases
  • Added support for unique pinpoint badging
  • added in profile picture
  • improved user follows
  • improved legibility of the concerns selections
  • fixed some reactive issues
  • new app icon
  • new app splash
  • updated mysalu pinpoint badge
  • added in confidence meter for restaurants
  • Fixed a bug in profile matches
  • Improved user feedback on communication with app server and behind the scenes activities
  • improved restaurant discovery

1.0.1 (Build 1.5.1)

  • Add “promote me” checkbox
  • reviewed by click is screwy.
  • Background graphic on user
  • make restaurant view buttons 50% bigger
  • clean up the specialties
  • profile is the first view you see if it’s your first time ever logging in
  • Retrieve password needs a notification.
  • Register as a health care professional/show contact information checkboxes should be vertically aligned, not horizontally.
  • Ensure the show my contact info is respected
  • update color for salu locator pin

1.0.1 (Build 1.4.9)

  • Added cancel button to cancel out searches
  • Terms of use on signin/up pages are now functional (lead to website)
  • Clicking on user/reviewer is no longer crazy looking.
  • Is Crowded/Is Loud issue solved
  • background changed to white (removed odd gradient background on most of the app)
  • added mySalu path for adding reviews based on online presence or restaurant advertising, including notification to user
  • nominates working as expected


1.0.1 (build 0.1.6)

  • New splash page
  • favicon
  • Feedback selector switches showing up
  • Map recenters when you click on map on the menu navigation
  • small navbars added to history, info, and favorites
  • Location visit from history now recenter map on location instead of doing nothing
  • Place searches from history pop up a card for the place
  • nagging console errors are gone
  • 'Go Here' Button no longer 'There'
  • Past searches in history limited to 5
  • GoDaddy SSL script error fixed